The Crazy Musketeer
Yes but what about the second title?
So, well, my dash did another random thing..

So, well, my dash did another random thing..

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It’s okay if you hate me

because that makes two of us

and at the very least

we can finally agree on something.

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Going to sleep, and feeling really happy because for once in my life I want to socialize, and since this is very rare event, it means I found some kind of soul-mates and very interesting and charming people.

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Well, this is the finished work.
Painting Syd has been something extremely psychologically difficult, I found myself in a completely different stat of mind, something I didn’t feel for long time, to be honest.
This portrait is different in style, prospective and feeling, and I think you can all see this, compared to the other four.
With him, the series of Pink Floyd portraits is now (finally) finished (it took me two years to fiish this series, and I don’t really know why).
I intend to sell prints, and I’m gonna elaborate prices in the next week and maybe a web page too, I’ll see.

Acrylic and tempera on canvas panel 18 x 24 cm.

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No matter how good my intentions are..
I will always make damage, somehow..

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Ok, so since my last update is getting a lot of notes, I am publishing this photoset, simply to remind you all that I did painted the other three and tomorrow I am going to finish the last (first actually) of them.
Also, I am gonna sell prints of the whole series as soon as possible, so if you are interested just let me know. Though I won’t be able to tell you anything about prices before at least a week (sorry, I’m busy).
Thanks for the appreciation, the notes, and for maybe buy the prints when they’ll be ready? :D

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Well, this is the finished work.
Yeah, yeah yeah as usual I failed in proportions but I’m actually really glad I’ve been able to do it in only one day, which was my original goal for today, so yay.

Acrylic on canvas panel 18 x 24 cm.

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