The Crazy Musketeer
Yes but what about the second title?

Ok, going to sleep now.
Goodnight you all.

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What is happening in Scotland?!

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So, since I have shoulder in pain, and I played too much guitar for today, I guess for the next week I won’t be playing any instrument.
*cries under the desk*

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im a nut
ich bin einen apfel
Leggo zucchero


How do you read sugar, Jasmine!? XD

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THIS IS REALLY BIG THOUGH! Let’s celebrate with virtual champagne!

YAY!!!! I’m celebrating with pain on my shoulders and wirsts and legs because the weather is changing and my body is a delicate dendilion made of shiT :D VIRTUAL CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYONE!!!!

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YAY! Send it to me! If you already did, then hang tight!

No no, I mean, the BIG song… I might have finished the freaking challenging 15 minutes long song… Though I still miss all the voices so I can’t do anything more for now… I feel so strange, I’m not sure it’s over yet, but still… omg?

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