The Crazy Musketeer
Yes but what about the second title?



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I have to say Conor O’Brien has very beautiful eyes.

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By the way, this young man here is beautiful.

By the way, this young man here is beautiful.

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Alright, I’m off for my bike ride. I haven’t taken a picture of myself in a while. My nose looks cartoonish and I got old as fuck, seriously. Well, for any anons who are curious, this is me. Alright, I’m off. 

I love the tiny mole just between your eyebrows. You are already fucking beautiful and that tiny mole just increase your amanzing beauty!
And your smile! And your eyes!
Awww ç_ç

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"Roger and Syd were sitting on the floor while playing some tune on the guitars.
They were both silent, just feeling the music they were trying to create together.
Sometimes Roger gave a quick look to his mate. There was no particular reason for looking him, he just felt he needed to look at him sometimes.
At some poit they looked at each other.
Both felt something cracking in the air. The atmosphere wan’t just the same.
They both stopped playing, and stared at each other for some minutes.
Then Roger noticed something strange in Syd’s look.
He wasn’t really looking at him, straight in his eyes. Syd was looking over.
Roger slowly turned back to see what was there behind him. He checked the entire space of the room behind him, finding nothing relevant to him.
So Roger turned again.
Syd was just few centimeters away form him.
Roger got a bit scared, but didn’t say anything and just kept looking straight into Syd’s eyes.
Then, slowly, Syd took off Roger’s guitar and left it on the floor, pushing it away with one foot.
Roger noticed he was getting closer and closer. He could even feel his breathe.
Then, suddenly, for just an instant, Syd’s eyes quickly focused on Roger’s lips, for then focusing on his eyes back again.
Roger swallowed loudly.
He clearly heard a nice genuine laugh in the air, but he wasn’t sure Syd actually laughed, because he didn’t open his mouth. And he was getting closer and closer, so that Roger had to retreat, placing both hands on the ground to keep his balance.
And Syd had to do the same, and due to the fact that he was really so close to him, he put his hands almost on Roger’s hands.
It seemed Syd didn’t mean to stop, and he kept getting so closer that Roger had to lean to his elbows.
Then he noticed Syd was on all fours right on him.
Roger decided to stop retreating, just to see what Syd would have done.
Syd didn’t stop and in a very slow movement he kindly placed his lips on Roger’s.
While Syd closed his eyes, Roger wide opened his.
But Syd kept pushing hard, so that Roger had to lay on the floor allowing Syd to lay on him.
Only in that moment Syd slowly pulled his lips from those of Roger. And then he opened his eyes again.
They stared at each other again for some moment.
Then Syd leaned his head on Roger’s chest, listening to his heart.
And Roger couldn’t really do anything, so he just let Syd remained there on him."
E. K. Barrell
Falling asleep on you
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Richard Wright has a great look in his eyes.
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I just watched Coraline for the 5th time. It’s amazing! I always end up crying like an idiot. I have to admit it, this great movie scares me at all every time I watch it.

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