The Crazy Musketeer
Yes but what about the second title?
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Lou Reed - Perfect Day

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Why the hell do I always end up crying whenever I watch Markiplier’s volgs?

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Sometimes I wonder what it really means to be in a war.
To see people getting killed.
To have the order to kill someone.
To hide, to wait the order, the right moment.
The tension, the anxiety, the fear.
I wonder sometimes what it is something I’ve never seen before. Something that massive and frightening.
How it feels. The perception of the whole thing around you.
Sometimes I am scared it could become reality. I am scared of the war. Maybe because I’ve never lived one.
Sometimes I wonder if I could be a better person if I knew how it feels and what it means to live and fight a war.

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I can feel it, I’m falling back again.
(I’m just glad Markiplier exists so I can enjoy his videos and listen to his voice and find some peace of mind)

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Why do I always end up crying with a smile when I listen to Markiplier’s vlogs?
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